Fighting Corruption & Restoring Democracy to West Hollywood

Vote for Lucas John for West Hollywood City Council!
March 8th… mark your calendar
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Lucas John wants to bring change to city hall.  Democracy has left West Hollywood.  This cannot stand.  Our city has become bogged down in CORRUPTION, machine politics, and we have entrenched elites who are in the back pocket of wealthy developers.  We need to stop this stranglehold and take back our city!
Lucas John’s policy priorities:
  • DEMOCRACY:  bring real democracy back to West Hollywood and end corruption in city government.  Lucas supports actual elections for all city council members.  He has also refused to take one dime in contributions from any corporate donors, especially developers!  Developers have had a stranglehold on city government for far too long.
  • TERM LIMITS: being a member of city council is not a matter of right for a select few elites and it should not be something you do for your whole life
  • SMART GROWTH:  promote smart growth policies to prevent the further suburbanization of our city.  We need to be more like San Francisco and less like Calabasas
  • THE ARTS:  make West Hollywood once again a creative and artistic city
  • REDEVELOPMENT that actually redevelops:
    • Fix the aging and ugly facades of some of our deteriorating buildings
    • Create more parks and civic spaces for community gatherings
    • Increase the amount of parking for residents and visitors
    • Build a free clinic to treat those with STD, HIV, and AIDS… we don’t have one!
    • Establish programs for youth including after school and recreation programs
First elected during the Reagan administration, John Heilman and Abbe Land have been on the city council for over 40 years combined.  Heilman himself has been entrenched since 1984!  These two professional politicians have become entrenched elites who have been in a position of power for decades.  Democracy was further eroded in 2009, when rather than conducting a free and democratic election, Lindsey Horvath was appointed to the city council by Heilman and Land after having lived in West Hollywood for only 18 months.  She has proven to be a solid and loyal vote for the two, allowing them to further their agenda on behalf of developers who contribute to their campaigns.  Is this what representative democracy is supposed to be?  What has transpired in the last few years is really the essence of corruption and it is unfortunately what we’re stuck with in Heilman, Land, and Horvath.
The only way to bring an end to the corruption is to elect candidates to city council who not only can beat the entrenched elites, but can then work together to make West Hollywood the city it ought to be.
Spread the word… on March 8th, vote for LUCAS JOHN, MITO AVILES, and JOHN D’AMICO!   One vote can be the difference between winning or allowing the corruption to continue.  Working together, we can make a difference.  We need you to vote and we need you to get out and get your friends to vote.
LUCAS JOHN… MITO AVILES… JOHN D’AMICO for West Hollywood City Council, March 8th 2011

Vote Lucas John 4 City Council & Win Weho Back !!!

Please support me as I endeavor to preserve West Hollywood's GAY culture by: 

* Branding the City of West Hollywood

* Establishing a Marketing Commission to boost International Tourism

* Providing Free Public Wi-Fi 

* Implementing New Standards for building Facades &  Landscaping

* Building More Dog Parks

* Terminating the Retail Sale of Meth Pipes

* Establishing Term Limits for City Council Members

* Investing in ONE Free Health Clinic

* Creating More Resources for Recovering Addicts

* Providing better Parking Options to Citizens

IPlease Vote For ME on March 8th, 2011!  
Lucas John